It's Alive

The blog is alive. Again. My blog-off time didn't last very much, I know that probably I will not write in a regular way, but that isn't a good reason for not having a blog.

The last year I closed my blog after 8 years, 174 posts and more than 2400 comments. I did it because I stayed more than one year without writting anything on it. Now, just a year later I’ve decided to re-open it, this time in English.

I like to write about what I’ve learnt. At least sometimes. So, even I will probably not write posts usually, I want to have my own space to write about what I want. When I want.

Why in English?

I have two main reasons to do it: to reach a greater audience and to get used to write in English.

My first language is Spanish, that’s what I’ve learnt from my parents and it’s the language I feel confortable speaking with, but I see this as an oportunity to improve my English skills, so, feel free to make me suggestions or fixes about the language on this blog, I’ll appreciate them.

I’d say also that I do it because I know that a lot of you are willing to read more bad English.

See you soon!

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