Code and Kids

Why we should give kids the oportunity to learn code and how can we do it. This is a little video with a talk that I did internally at Ve Bilbao in order to find people to create a Coder Dojo.

Coding has been considered to be something for geeks for a long time, but this approach makes no sense anymore. We live in a world where we can find technology and programs everywhere on our daily lives (laptops, cellphones, tablets, but also now on the TV, washing machines, medical tools, cash machines, transport,…).

As we teach our kids about how nature works, it is now the time to teach them about how technology works, we can not let them think of technology as magic, we must allow them to learn the How.

Personal experience

Due to the great experience I had being a mentor in the CoderDojo Bilbao I have done an internal presentation at the Ve office in Bilbao and this is what I want to show you here. It’s a short video (10min) of a talk I have presented to my workmates with the aim of building a kids coding club at Ve, but I think that it could be worth sharing it with all of you.

You can see here the slides of the presentation where you will find several links to useful resources that will help kids learn code in a fun way.

Hour of code

Remember that one of the best events that promotes coding with kids is the Hour of code that happens this week (the second one of every December) and I’m pretty sure that you will be able to find a place near you where you can go with your children and see if they will enjoy coding.

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